A reminder to previous SDEA-R Annual dues payers that renewals are due by September 1, 2018 for the 2018-19 membership year. An email was sent out August 1st to all annual dues payers concerning the change in dues options.

Due to the ongoing issues SDEA-R has had with the annual membership dues option, SDEA-R is no longer offering the annual dues payment. Members often forget to renew their dues and SDEA-R has to make repeated contacts, which are often unsuccessful. Payments by mail have often not reached us, causing us to do a lot tracking, etc. (Please keep in mind that your Executive Committee is made up of all volunteers). Therefore there are now two membership option starting this coming membership year, September 1, 2018-August 31, 2019.

Renewing membership via the STRS payment option. Monthly Deduction from CalSTRS Pension Check: $1.25 monthly. This option is actually $5.00 less than the $20.00 yearly payment and can be stopped at any time.

Lifetime Dues Payment SDEA-Retired: $150

The SDEA-R Membership form was sent to annual dues payers, but can be accessed on this website. You just need to fill it out and send it to the SDEA-R address. SDEA-R will process the STRS payment option for you.

SDEA-R hopes you understand the reasons for the change and will continue your membership via one of the two available options.


Debra Redenbaugh, SDEA/CTA/NEA-R President


On Friday, June 14, SDEA-R Executive Committee Members, Deb Redenbaugh, Judy Thomas, Val Davidson, Elizabeth Ahlgren, Sandy Ambrosi and Norma Heeter, celebrated retirement with SDUSD retirees, both certificated and classified at a reception held on the Ed Center lawn.  Some new retirees were recruited to join our retired organization.  The Monroe Clark Middle School band entertained at the reception.  Superintendent Cindy Marten congratulated the retirees with a lovely speech.  All retirees had a chance to give their name, school(s) and years of service. 

Movie Club Dates
 🇺🇸 JUL......09th
🎡  AUG....13th 


Book Club Dates
🌞  JUN....19th 

                                  Enrollment Forms (Press Button to Access)

                                        CTA-R Issues Conference

On March 1-2, 2018, one hundred and thirty plus retirees attended the annual CTA-R Issues Conference in Torrance, CA.  SDEA/CTA/NEA-R members attending were Elizabeth Ahlgren, Cathy Crawford,  Marylen Haines, Norma Heeter,  Ann Norman,  Henry Powel and Sherman Skeete.  A multitude of session were offered ranging from educator pensions to healthy brain/lifestyle to CTA/NEA Member Benefits and more.  Participants were updated on state and national issues of concern to our retirees by CTA (active) President Eric Heins and NEA Lobbyist Dr. Silvia Johnson.   FYI:  over all CalSTRS is doing well and current retirees do not have to worry about losing/reducing our pensions.  A bit of information, CalSTRS females now have a life expectancy of age 90 and males 87.5. Our oldest member is 109 years old!  Of great concern: we are most likely to lose agency fee in the Supreme Court Janus case, which affects our membership and our bargaining power.  While we have many challenges in Washington, we have had some wins: children’s health insurance renewed for 10 years; Affordable Care Act weakened, but survives; Educator $250 tax deduction retained; student load deduction saved; graduate student tuition waivers remain untaxed; Excise tax on high cost health plans pushed back 2 yrs. to 2020.

Of great importance to us in California is the Election of a new Superintendent of Instruction.  CTA and CTA-R have endorsed Tony Thurmond.  Tony is now as well known is Southern California, so please avail yourselves of information about him and consider supporting his candidacy.  I will be forwarding  CTA information on Tony  in the future.

Gavin Newsome is the CTA/CTA-R endorsed candidate for Governor. Please be informed and consider supporting him.  He is educator/education supportive and keep in mind that he has the power to make 5 appointments to our CalSTRS Board.

              SDUSD RETIREE         


        Friday, June, 14th from 4-6

"On The Lawn" at the Pink Palace

RSVP  by calling 619-725-8045 by 5 p.m. on June 10, 2019

                                            THE ANNUAL MAY OUTING:

                                  THE CALIFORNIA WOMEN’S MUSEUM
On Wednesday May 8, 2019, SDEA-R members gathered at the California Women’s Museum at Liberty Station for the organization’s annual outing.  The museum has been in this location since 2012.  This was the second time SDEA-R has visited the museum.  A knowledgeable docent provided us with background information on trailblazing women from our state. In addition to suffragette memorabilia, a display of purses from many eras was the featured display.  Folks who are members of the museum have access to the archives  on the second floor.
What is an outing unless there is lunch!  Participants migrated to the Marketplace where an abundance to different foods were available from which individuals could choose.                                                                                                  05/2019

                                        FALL TGIRT A SUCCESS

On November 2, members of SDEA/CTA/NEA-R gathered at BJs in Hazard Center for our Happy Hour, affectionately known as TGIRT (Thank Goodness I’m Retired Thursday).  It was also Dia del Los Muertos.  Great camaraderie abounded along with good appetizers, beverages and fun times visiting with retired colleagues. Ellie Cole, Norma Heeter and Judy Thomas won the three fall mum plants.  Members were treated to a great natural portrait from Mother Nature as they viewed the glorious sunset from BJs patio. Thank to Valarie Davidson for setting up the event, bringing her never ending supply of decorations and taking photos.


Elizabeth delivering purses and toiletries to CTA Women's Caucus.


Debra Redenbaugh, SDEA-R President, presented the first ever, SDEA-Retired local WHO (WE HONOR OURS) award to the immediate past president, Norma Heeter.  The award was made possible through the generosity of  VEBA and their Ombudsmen, Heather Simonson. Tim Jenkins and the SDEA-R Executive Committee were instrumental in making this award happen.

During her tenure of nine years as president, SDEA-R increased its membership, communication, visibility and chapter activities, as well as established a strong relationship with SDEA (active), the San Diego Unified School District Superintendent/School Board and CTA/NEA-Retired.  In 1991, Norma also received the SDEA (active) WHO award for her service on the Board of Directors, the Bargaining Team, site rep and membership on several SDEA committees.

SDEA/CTA/NEA-R is the first and largest CTA/NEA-Retired chapter chartered in the state of California. The first ever California Teachers Association state WHO award was presented to our own active SDEA-R member, Tim Jenkins in 2012.                                                                                                                                                                               01-04-19

"We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours."                                                                                                                                                             04/2019

John of Salisbury

                      SDEA-R MOVIE CLUB AND BOOK CLUB



Members of SDEA-R participated in the March 19, 2019 Women's March in downtown San Diego along with 30,000 other participants.


Congratulations to E. Rae Riner, one of our active retired members and the current SDEA/CTA/NEA-R secretary, who was recently recognized by Delta Kappa Gamma for her Outstanding Service to The Community. Delta Kappa Gamma  promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.

Rae has been a group leader/curriculum writer for Kids Turn San Diego, since its creation in 1995. This non-profit organization is unique to San Diego.  It assists families in adjusting to their changing lives when parents separate and divorce.

Rae has served as President of the non-profit San Diego High School Foundation, which operates on tax deductible donations. The Foundation has funded SDHS clubs and organizations since 1992. It has also raised and donated approximately 3.5 million dollars!  Last year alone, the Foundation offered 57 College Scholarships, several of which were renewable, in the total amount of $127,000. In addition, the organization funded $42,000 to student clubs, sports and other outstanding programs, which otherwise would not be in existence.

Rae currently serves on the Board of Directors of San Diego Education Association-Retired as the Recording Secretary. SDEA/CTA/NEA-R is pro-active in support of students and teachers promoting quality Education at the local, state and federal levels.

Rae is one of our many retired educators who continue to make their marks in education in our community. We are very proud of her achievement and recognition.

President Hugh Boyle Leading Teachers at the Spreckles Organ Pavilion

                            FANTASTIC FINAL LUNCHEON MEETING!
The last General Membership luncheon meeting for the membership year was jammed full of members, speakers and elections.  Speakers on the SDSU OLLI program with lifelong learning enrichment classes, etc. and the Angel Flight West Earth Angels volunteer driving program enlightened our attendees.  Check them out on the web if you could not attend.
The results of the election for the SDEA-R Executive Committee are as follows:

President-     Debra Redenbaugh
Vice President-     Terry Pesta
Recording Secretary-     Rae Riner
Corresponding Secretary-     Joyce Heyn
Treasurer-     Sandra Ambrosi
SDEA Rep Council Liaisons:

Elizabeth Ahlgren, Claudia Weimer and Valarie Davidson as Alternate.

Thank you to all for stepping up and volunteering to serve!

As always, members step up to help others.  Thank you to those who brought purses and toiletries for the CTA Women’s Caucus Purse Packing Project.  They have been delivered to the CTA Women’s Caucus contact for distribution.


“It did not rain on our parade” as the skies cleared up on Thursday, May 23rd for our annual, new retiree welcome happy hour, known as a TGIRT (Thank Goodness I’m Retired Thursday).  SDEA-R  sends congratulations to all new retirees and welcome them to continue their professional involvement with us in a fun way.

There was a nice turnout at the event held at BJs in Hazard Center with SDEA-R gaining three new retirees, Mary Ann Thomson (Hickman), Janet Oudah (Morse) and Teri Armstrong (EB Scripps).  SDEA-R members also networked with two more potential members.  All new retirees were treated to a beverage of their choice.  Something special about our events is that colleagues often encounter other educators that they have not seen for years as well as make new friends.  That was the case with Dianne Jones and Mary Ann Thomson, former teachers at Miller Elementary.

New Retiree Mary Ann Thomson won the drawing for the equivalent of a one year membership by signing up as a member at the event.  Teri Anderson, also a new retiree, won the door prize donated by VEBA.  Everyone present received small flashlights from VEBA.  VEBA is very good to our retired organization and we are so appreciative.


                                  HOLIDAY HAPPENING 2018
On December 8th, President Debra Redenbaugh welcomed SDEA-Retired Members, guests and business partners to our annual celebration of the Holiday season, held again at The Butcher Shop Restaurant.  Door prizes, raffle prizes, a 50/50 drawing, good food, and entertainment by the Sweet Adelines made the festivities very special. Sister Judith Sheridan addressed the attendees about Mary’s Guest House, a sanctuary for Trafficked young women.  Thanks to all who brought toiletries and clothing for our annual collection for Mary’s Guest House.  Our appreciation goes to those who also made direct monetary donations to this worthy cause. Winner of the 50/50 drawing, Suzanne Emery, generously donated her winnings to Mary’s Guest House, too.

A special thanks to our business partners for their delightful door prizes: Rich Billock, (Horace Mann), Suzanne Emery (California Casualty), Heather Siminson (VEBA).  Thanks to our member, Elizabeth Ahlgren, for her Essential Oils gift bag.  A special thanks to Lucy Laudate, also, for assembling the gift baskets for the raffle and to members who donated items for them.                                                                                                                                                  01-04-19


On April 8th, SDEA-R members and guests gathered at the Old Town Tequila Factory for lunch, a presentation and the general membership meeting. We had 40 attendees. Our speaker was Jill Swain with the travel group Road Scholars. Check them out on the website for something new for educators.

Cathy O’Leary Carey won a $50 voucher for travel.

President Deb requested that folks update their email addresses and phone numbers should they change. She will be sending out a survey in the future for current breakfast and lunch locations and suggestions. Just a reminder that the venue needs to accommodate 40 plus, not have a room charge and be centrally located. Members particularly like being able to pay individually on site.

Future dates for the Movie Club and the Book Club were reviewed. Check the SDEA-R website for details.

Our May outing will be to the Women’s Museum of CA, on Wednesday, May 8th from 10:30-11:30 a.m. with lunch on your own at Liberty Station. We will have a docent for our group. The cost per person is $3.00. More information will be sent by email.

Shannon Hoffman from VEBA gave all participants a cow hand warmer or cooler. She spoke about the VEBA Wellness Program and provided flyers.

Deb asked folks to let any potential retirees know about us. She will be sending information to the ones on the District’s retiree list. SDEA will also send information via their Union Notes. Our liaisons to Rep Council will have an information table at the SDEA Rep Council April and May meetings. Our Welcome New Retirees TGIRT Happy Hour will be held on May 23rd from 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Deb also recognized recording secretary, Rae Riner for her Delta Kappa Gamma Outstanding Service to The Community Award. Congratulations.

Cathy O’Leary Carey was a very lucky winner today as she won the $50 Road Scholars voucher and the Spring Basket door prize! Allone Twomey won $66.00 in the 50/50 raffle. Fran Knapp won the Retired Extremely Dangerous SDEA-R tee shirt.

              WHAT DOES THE SDEA/CTA/NEA-R Membership DO FOR US?
The union is the only group that can negotiate with a district for benefits that may be received after an employee retires.  In our case, it is the supplement from the Joint Health Trust that can help pay for our health insurance premiums until the age of 67.  Other locals have negotiated for different benefits. As SDEA-R, we lobby with the district, state legislature, and Congress about issues that affect us, like the premium processing fee that SDUSD was imposing on us for handling payment for our health insurance. We, SDEA-Retired, got that removed by lobbying SDEA and SDUSD!  At the state level, working with CTA-R, we focus on pension and other issues with which retirees deal.  At the national level we work with NEA-R on Social Security Offset, educational issues and health care issues, among others. Our dues support those activities, along with many others.  
Our membership in SDEA/CTA/NEA-Retired, makes us eligible to continue to participate in many economic benefits available to active members. Here is a partial list:

       *CTA Group Legal Services (One half hour of advice & consultation relating to retirement   benefits,          health & welfare benefit issues and substitute employment.)
       *Automobile insurance
       *Homeowners insurance
       *Vision Service Plan
       *Long Term Care Plans
       *Entertainment, travel, and purchasing discounts
       *1 million dollars liability
       *No-fee, low-rate VISA/Master Card

At the local level, our dues are used for paper, printing, envelopes and postage for our yearly, hard copy, informational mail outs to 450 of our 800 plus members, for whom we do not have email addresses.  Other printing costs include flyers and agendas for our meetings, luncheons and seminars.  In addition, we have luncheon costs for guests and speakers and sometimes luncheon room charges.   We also have a website that costs us yearly for the domain and the carrier.  Each year we have expenses for a new retiree welcome event, whether it be a party or happy hour.   Also, each year, we try to send the president and the treasurer to the CTA-R Annual Leadership Conference.
The SDEA-Retired Executive Committee is made up of all volunteers, who spend their own time, travel expenses and efforts on behalf of our retirees.  
We hope this clarify just what membership in SDEA/CTA/NEA-R does for us.
Norma J. Heeter, Proud Past President of SDEA-Retired



From time to time, SDEA-R is contacted with employment Opportunities that may appeal to our retirees. We are posting this for informational purposes only.
Greetings, We are looking to hire part-time, current and retired educators to work as museum staff and tour guides at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. Currently, we have retired educators and substitute teachers on our staff, and have benefited greatly from their experience in interpreting and disseminating historical knowledge, as well as their competence in educating children. At the park, we offer daily, guided tours to the public, as well as mid-week school programs which cater to the state-wide, 4th grade history curriculum which educates children about California history. We also maintain and staff historical museums which are open to the public, daily. If any of your members are interested in opportunities to work at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, please have them contact me. Regards, Casey Edwards Visitor Services Coordinator Old Town San Diego State Historic Park (619) 220 - 5422