SDEA-R MEMBERS ACT!
“Members of SDEA/CTA/Retired have taken part in multiple events this spring. Most recently Norma Heeter and Terry Pesta attended one of the Town Hall Meetings hosted by SDEA. Terry spoke about the need to retain elementary prep time.
In addition, members of the Executive Committee had an information table at the SDEA Day of the Educator celebration in efforts to recruit the newbie for our organization. The event was moved to the Ed Center lawn, because the school board was acting on the SERP and educator layoffs on the same day.
Congratulations to soon to be retired Candy Nieto. She is being awarded the CTA State WHO Award for her association leadership and commitment to public education.
If you know any educators retiring, please tell them about us. Have them contact me at for membership information.
Norma Heeter, SDEA/CTA/NEA-R President”

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                                     WOMEN'S MARCH SAN DIEGO
On January 21, 2017, several SDEA-R members walked along with 40,000 other men, women and children on behalf of women's/civil rights and other important issues.  Judy Thomas, Elizabeth Ahlgren, Karen Moffit and Norma Heeter joined SDEA actives at the SDEA office to go to the march together. The event was amazing!  The signs were unbelievabley creative.  Thanks to all who attended.  More marches are forthcoming and information will be sent our as soon as possible.  It would be great to have a large turnout of retired educators.

Thank you.

                                                     Ho, Ho, Ho!
It was like Christmas in April on Monday, April 10, 2017, as we held our last general membership luncheon for the membership year. We had a slightly smaller turnout than usual, but attendees had a great time just socializing and bidding on the 25 baskets assembled to raise funds for our slightly dwindling treasury. We raised $460 on the baskets and we want to thank all those who donated the baskets and items for the baskets. Check out the abundance of delightful baskets in the attachments. A special thanks, too, to all who bid and were successful in having the high bids. Joan Robinson won $55.00 in the fifty-fifty raffle.
Our next event is the free Taylor Guitar Factory Tour on May 16. See the attached flyer and RSVP to Debbie Redenbaugh for planning purposes. This private factory tour promises to be worthwhile. We hope you will join us and then perhaps go out for lunch with other retirees.

On June 1, 2017, SDEA/CTA/NEA-Retired and SDEA (active) hosted a wonderful reception for the New Retiree Class of 2017 and current SDEA-R members. Over a hundred participants were present. Thanks to our business partners Heather Simonson (VEBA), Rich Billock (Horace Mann), Patty Ward, Lisa Frankovitch, Gary Rumsey (Met Life) and Suzanne Urban (Cal Casualty) for their financial support, which made this event possible. Thanks to Dana Chernoy, Mgr. Health Benefit from SDUSD, who came to answer retirement questions.
Presentations on benefits of joining SDEA-R and CTA/NEA-R were made by Norma Heeter and the CTA-R Liaison to SD Service Center Council. Diane McSweeney and Douglas Shamburger each one a free one year membership in the local SDEA-R organization for signing up as new members that day. Congratulations.
On behalf of CTA/NEA-R, Norma Heeter had the joy of presenting the $1000 Sharilyyn Gardella Russo Scholarship to Carolos Arias from La Mesa, who is in the Speech and Language Pathology Masters at San Diego State.
Due to some misinformation on the dues for joining the CTA/NEA-R portion of our united membership, there were many questions. Anyone wishing clarification can read the next article and/or contact Tim Jenkins at or Norma Heeter at 858-485-9888.

Greetings from your SDEA-R Executive Committee Members and welcome to the world of retirement. Congratulations! We know that your retired life will be a busy one, but we sincerely hope you will continue to support and even be involved in the chosen profession that you so faithfully supported during your active years in education. You can do so by joining your professional retired teachers’ organizations, SDEA/CTA/NEA-Retired. SDEA/CTA/NEA-R is the only retirement group affiliated with CTA/NEA-Retired and you are asked to join all three if you choose to belong to SDEA-Retired.

The membership year for your professional associations is September 1st to August 31st. You may pay a onetime membership fee for all 3 organizations of $150 for SDEA-R dues and $450 for CTA/NEA-R dues. Whichever method of payment you choose, you will need to complete the two enrollment forms and return one to SDEA-R and the second one to CTA/NEA-R. As an alternative, we highly recommend paying your dues through the CALSTRS Dues Deduction Service method for ease of keeping your dues current. Your dues will be deducted automatically at the low amount of $1.25 per month for SDEA-Retired and $5.40 for CTA/NEA-R. Additional Option: You are able to pay for your Lifetime CTA/NEA-R membership or your annual membership by credit card. Please note that we do not have this option for the SDEA-R dues

If you choose to pay your membership annually, SDEA-R annual dues are $20.00 and CTA/NEA-R annual dues are $70.00. You will need to complete the two enrollment forms and return one to SDEA-R and the second one to CTA/NEA-R. Please note, if you plan to be a visiting teacher, you can only join right now as a pre-retired member, until you no longer are in active status with SDEA, but you will be able to join us in our activities such as luncheons, health seminars, happy hours, and retiree advocacy as well as receive all the SDEA-Retired materials and emails.
Please send your SDEA-R check (if applicable) and the completed form to SDEA-Retired P.O. Box 880282, San Diego, CA 92168-0282. Please send your CTA/NEA-R check (if applicable) and the completed form to CTA at the address on the form.
Your membership is important to all of your colleagues in SDEA-Retired. If you have any questions regarding SDEA-Retired or this letter, please contact me at 858-485-9888. Please check out our website at
Norma Heeter, SDEA-Retired President

Enrollment Forms (Press Button to Access)

                              NEW LUNCHEON LOCATION FOR 2017-18!

Listening to our membership is important.  Therefore, we will be trying a new venue and format for our 2017-18 general membership meetings.  Brothers Family Restaurant located at 5150 Waring Road will be our new location for this membership year. Three luncheon/business meetings will be held at 11:30 a.m. as in the past.  We will still have a private room and you will be able to order from the menu and you will pay individually at regular meetings.  *(You will not be mailing in reservation forms and checks except for the holiday luncheon.)  The annual holiday luncheon will be the only prepaid event as in the past. *Parking in front of the restaurant and more at the far end of the building is available. For planning purposes, please send your reservation confirmation to Debra Redenbaug at or call 619-258-1576.  (Needed for planning purposes).

RSVP for Monday, September 18, 2017 General Membership Meeting/Lunch 11:30-2:00 PM 


# of Reservations_________.  Please RSVP by Sept. 11, 2017 for PLANNING PURPOSES to Debra Redenbaugh at d.redenbaugh@ or call 619-258-1576.

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As you know, from time to time, we receive information about volunteer opportunities that may be of interest to retired educators.   I recently received an email from the Roynon Museum and the SDEA-R Executive Committee authorized sending it to our members for informational purposes.

Norma Heeter, SDEA/CTA/NEA-R President

President Norma's New shirt

Candy Nieto, New Retiree             Day of the Educator -                Recruiting New Retirees            Day of the Educator Cake

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On May 16, twenty-five retirees and guests were treated to a private tour of the Taylor Guitar Factory.  The tour was outstanding and participants raved about it. The FREE Taylor Guitars factory tour took guests through the steps of guitar construction from wood selection to final assembly. Participants experienced each process as a guitar evolved from raw wood into a finished instrument. To our amazement the facility is enormous consisting of many large buildings and Taylor Guitars has other locations in Tecate, overseas and more.  The company is environmentally proactive and very innovative in the guitar field. The factory functions 24 hours a day and produces 600 guitars per day!  If you were unable to attend this tour, we highly recommend taking the public tour, which is at 1:00 p.m. daily.  Our wonderful guide, Chris, recommends choosing a day other than Friday or Monday as they are more "tourist" attended.

 New Retirees Checking In                 Testing the Snack She Brought          Pres. Norma & VP Terry Chatting With 

                                                                                                                        New Retiree