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Welcome to the SDEA-Retired website! Our motto is “Lifetime Learners… Lifetime Professionals”. SDEA-Retired is unified with CTA/NEA-Retired. SDEA/CTA/NEA-Retired is an active, influential lobby in the state for education issues, and especially for retirement and health concerns. Over the last several years, your association advocates have successfully lobbied to increase CALSTRS benefits for current members. On the local level, SDEA-R is a watchdog for retiree issues and a place where retired educators can come together socially and educationally. SDEA-R current has a membership of over 800 retirees.

We invite all certificated education employees to join our organization by completing the application on this website. Please see the calendar of events so you can plan to join us for camaraderie as well as for pertinent information. Registration forms for upcoming events are also on this website. The SDEA-R Executive Committee hopes to see you at one our future events. If we do not have your email address, please send it to Norma Heeter at buckeyebabe1966@gmail.com

Contact us -->The SDEA-Retired mailing address is PO Box 880282, San Diego, CA 92168-0282.

—Norma Heeter SDEA-R President


Elected Positions:
Norma J. Heeter                President                                                    buckeyebabe1966@gmail.com         858-485-9888
Terry Pesta                        Vice President                                             tpteaches@cox.net                            619-922-7960
Gail Boyle                          Recording Secretary                                  nickelboyle@gmail.com                   619-299-6796          
Debra Redenbaugh           Corresponding Secretary                         d.redenbaugh@cox.net                     619-296-1603
Sandra Ambrosi                Treasurer                                                   jan_san@cox.net                               619-692-1574
Claudia Weimer                SDEA Rep Council Liaison                     Claudia.Weimer@att.net                  858-278-4608
Joyce Heyn                         SDEA Rep Council Liaison                     louheyn@aol.com                              858-748-2612        Valarie Davidson               SDEA Rep Council Liaison (Alt)            2vjdavidson@cox.net                        619-838-3681
Appointed Positions:

Tim Jenkins                        Membership  Chair                                     ctaneaj@pacbell.net  
Judy Thomas                      SDEA-R Liaison to JH&WBC*                 jatlux@gmail.com
Ann Norman                       SDEA-R Liaison to JH&WBC*                annabel1947@yahoo.com
Marc Capitelli                    Website Manager                                         cap@alum.calberkeley.org

*Joint Health and Welfare Benefits Committee