FOR SDUSD RETIREES

On October 24, 2019, SDUSD retirees gathered at the SDEA auditorium for a joint Open Enrollment for Health Benefits Seminar sponsored by SDEA-Retired and the school district.  The event was well-attended.  Presentations were made by the various health carriers and retiree questions addressed.  Vendors, health carriers, and business partners had information tables for participants to visit.  Flu shots were also available.  This event has been a popular event organized by SDEA-Retired for many years to assist our members and other retirees.

Movie Club Dates
Canceled Until Further Notice

Book Club Dates

Canceled Until Further Notice

Dear SDEA-R Members,
Hugh Boyle passed away Monday, February 3rd, 2020. Hugh touched so many lives over his lifetime. He was an amazing man, father, husband, and educator. He was President of  SDTA two times. Hugh was an advocate for teachers and fought for many of the union rights we have today, a true mentor. 
Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Gail, and his family at this difficult time. He will be truly missed. Rest in peace Hugh.
Debbie Redenbaugh, SDEA-R President

Dear Colleagues,
In 2007, I lost my home in the San Diego fires.  United Policy Holders is a non-profit organization that goes in to disaster areas to assist the survivors.  I have personally worked with this organization as they helped in the 2007 SD fires, the Lilac Fire and the other Alpine fire.  I am sharing the email below that has suggestions for fire preparedness.  Please read it as I would not want anyone else to go through such a disaster.
Norma Heeter, SDEA-R Secretary, President Emeritus, Past President.

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                   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
SDEA-R has been so fortunate to have many volunteers serving on our Executive Committee.  We want to thank each of them for time, expertise and energy.

Sandy Ambrosi is our outgoing Treasurer.  Sandy has served in this capacity for at least four two-year terms is this position!  Sandy stepped up every time she was termed out when no one else ran for the  treasurer position.  Her value and input to the Executive Committee is unmeasurable.  In addition, Sandy, who is a retired nurse, served as the liaison to the VEBA Board and sometime to the District Health and Welfare Committee.

Terry Pesta is our outgoing Vice President.  He served two two-year terms in this capacity.  Terry brought experience as the SDEA active president to the table.  His contributions to the Executive Committee and SDEA-Retired were many.  He also represented retirees numerous times at the NEA Annual Conventions, even though he went as an active, visiting teacher SDEA delegate.  Also, SDEA-R is very grateful to Terry for suggesting and initiating the effort to have Hugh Boyle, past SDEA president,  recognized for his union contributions by spearheading the movement to have SDEA active create the first time ever Hugh P. Boyle Lifetime Service Award.

Claudia Weimer is leaving the Executive Committee after serving as the elected liaison for retirees to the SDEA Rep Council (active).  Claudia served two two-year terms in the position.  Along with the other liaisons, she kept the Executive Committee and the general membership apprised of the actions of SDEA.

Ernestine Rae Riner served at the Recording Secretary for one two-year term.  During her time on the Executive Committee, she brought new perspectives. Rae arranged informative speakers for our luncheons from travel to trust attorneys. 

SPRING HAS SPRUNG and with it comes the seasons’ celebrations.  The SDEA/CTA/NEA-R Executive Committee Members want to wish you the best for the seasons’ events.

With spring and the movement into the Red Tier, we are planning a social get together in the form of Lunch in the Park at Mission Bay with social distancing, masking and bringing your own lunch and chair.  More information will be forthcoming about this event.  We are looking forward to seeing you.  It has been too long.

Spring quotes for thought.  The first really speaks to our past year.

“A perfect spring day! Enjoy it while it lasts because you don’t know what’s coming.” ― Marty Rubin

“Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” –Anita Krizzan

“Spring is far more than just a changing of seasons; it’s a rebirth of the spirit.” ― Toni Sorenson

. “There’s nothing more beautiful than watching trees getting dressed up for Spring and Summer” ― Charmaine J Forde

We will be in touch soon!

Debra Redenbaugh, SDEA-R President
Norma Heeter, SDEA-R President Emeritus

"Recess" In Peace President Hugh



                                       FALL TGRT GET TOGETHER

BJ's Hazard Center, Mission Valley, was the site of the November 7th "favorite team jersey" themed event. A nice turnout of members enjoyed food, drinks and camaraderie. Two of our newer retirees, Janet and Gizelle won the Autumn themed sale prizes,much to their surprise and delight.
Be sure to send in your reservation/payment for the annual holiday luncheon on December 7 at the Butcher Shop. Info was emailed

                   Lunch, Trusts and Prizes Top the February Luncheon/Meeting

On February 10, SDEA-R held its first luncheon meeting of 2020 at Elijah’s restaurant with an Italian themed buffet.

The guest speaker was Thomas C. Lawler, Attorney At Law. H was very informative,. He discussed Estate planning , wills, and trusts. He informed the group about some of laws that have changed regarding trusts and suggested that folks who have trusts already should see an attorney to update and check their current trust.

During the meeting portion, President Deb announced that elections are coming up for positions on the SDEA-R Executive Committee. If anyone is interested in running for a position, please contact her. Information about the positions and duties was sent out to all members in January. A suggested By-law change is in the works, assigning membership duties to the vice-president.

Ann Norman won the Valentine door prizes and Rae Riner won the 50/50 drawing..

The next SDEA-R event will be the breakfast social on March 14 at Elijah’s in the main dining room.


              WHAT DOES THE SDEA/CTA/NEA-R Membership DO FOR US?
The union is the only group that can negotiate with a district for benefits that may be received after an employee retires.  In our case, it is the supplement from the Joint Health Trust that can help pay for our health insurance premiums until the age of 67.  Other locals have negotiated for different benefits. As SDEA-R, we lobby with the district, state legislature, and Congress about issues that affect us, like the premium processing fee that SDUSD was imposing on us for handling payment for our health insurance. We, SDEA-Retired, got that removed by lobbying SDEA and SDUSD!  At the state level, working with CTA-R, we focus on pension and other issues with which retirees deal.  At the national level we work with NEA-R on Social Security Offset, educational issues and health care issues, among others. Our dues support those activities, along with many others.  
Our membership in SDEA/CTA/NEA-Retired, makes us eligible to continue to participate in many economic benefits available to active members. Here is a partial list:

       *CTA Group Legal Services (One half hour of advice & consultation relating to retirement   benefits,          health & welfare benefit issues and substitute employment.)
       *Automobile insurance
       *Homeowners insurance
       *Vision Service Plan
       *Long Term Care Plans
       *Entertainment, travel, and purchasing discounts
       *1 million dollars liability
       *No-fee, low-rate VISA/Master Card

At the local level, our dues are used for paper, printing, envelopes and postage for our yearly, hard copy, informational mail outs to 450 of our 800 plus members, for whom we do not have email addresses.  Other printing costs include flyers and agendas for our meetings, luncheons and seminars.  In addition, we have luncheon costs for guests and speakers and sometimes luncheon room charges.   We also have a website that costs us yearly for the domain and the carrier.  Each year we have expenses for a new retiree welcome event, whether it be a party or happy hour.   Also, each year, we try to send the president and the treasurer to the CTA-R Annual Leadership Conference.
The SDEA-Retired Executive Committee is made up of all volunteers, who spend their own time, travel expenses and efforts on behalf of our retirees.  
We hope this clarify just what membership in SDEA/CTA/NEA-R does for us.
Norma J. Heeter, Proud Past President of SDEA-Retired

                      SDEA-R MOVIE CLUB AND BOOK CLUB


                                      HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2019
Happy Holidays was the theme of the day as members of San Diego Education Association Retired assembled to celebrate the season.  SDEA-R President, Debbie Redenbaugh, welcomed members and guests to The Butcher Shop restaurant for lunch, entertainment, prizes and raffle options.  

Sisters Judith Sheridan and Theresa MaClean, representing one of our charities, Mary’s Guest House for transitioning trafficked young ladies, were our guests along with Kisha Borden, SDEA (active) President and Dana Chernoy, Manager, SDUSD Employee Benefits Department.

Members celebrated the season of giving by bringing an abundance of gift cards for Mary’s Guest House residents as well as toiletries, games crafts, and toys for Scarlet's Kids, a non-profit that supports families of hospitalized children.  Sister Judith Sheridan sent SDEA-R a thank you card with the total of money collected: $320-money (cash and checks), Gift cards- $305, total $625. In addition, members donated toiletries and clothing to Mary's Guest House.

Door prize poinsettias provided by Hamid Yazarlou and Jessica Sturken, of Horace Mann, a gift card from CA Casualty’s Suzanne Urban, a 50/50 raffle won by Don Crawford and donated to Mary’s Guest House, 11 raffled gift baskets made by Lucy Laudate from Board member donations and SDEA-R funds made the season brighter for many.

Rhapsody, a wonderful show entertainment group, delighted attendees with their holiday songs.

President Hugh Boyle Leading Teachers at the Spreckles Organ Pavilion

"We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours."                                                                                                                                                             04/2019

John of Salisbury


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                          CTA/NEA-RETIRED ISSUES CONFERENCE

February 27-28, 2020, six members of SDEA/CTA/NEA-Retired attended the 16th Annual CTA/NEA-Retired Issues Conference at the Marriott Irvine in Irvine, California. Four SDEA-R Executive Committee Members: President Deb Redenbaugh, President-Emeritus Norma Heeter, Treasurer Sandy Ambrosi and SDEA Liaison Elizabeth Ahlgren participated in the multitude of workshops.  Members Sherman Skeet and Douglas Shamburger also attended the conference.

Douglas Shamburger received an Ethnic Minority Scholarship for the conference.  Congratulations to Douglas.

Keynote Speaker was the new CTA president E. Toby Boyd.  He was well received and is representing CTA members well. He spoke during breakfast. Guest Speaker Mary Kusler, NEA Senior Director for the Center for Advocacy addressed the attendees giving an update on Washington and centering her speech on the importance of the upcoming census.

Among the 16 workshops offered were ones on CalSTRS Investing in our Pensions, Campaign 2020 (Schools and Communities First ballot), Personal Emergency Preparedness, Demystify Medicare, Educator Pension Reward Decades of Classroom Service with STRS CEO Jack Ehnes and many more.

The SDEA-Retired Executive Committee welcomes Susan King to the board.  She will take on the position as Treasurer, formerly held by Sandy Ambrosi.  We  look forward to Susan bringing new ideas and perspectives to the Committee.                               

                                                 Susan King, new SDEA-R Treasurer!