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Roynon Museum

Good morning, I am the Director of the Roynon Museum of Paleontology. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) Educational Foundation. Since 2000 we have been offering classes to students, scouts, and civic groups in our museum. Thousands of children have visited our unique museum. Just a year ago we went from a private museum in Mr. Roynon's home to a publicly accessible museum on Grand Avenue in Escondido. In less than one year were were voted the number one museum in San Diego County. Each year thousands of school children come through our doors for a three hour class. They learn about geology and paleontology. Classes are customized to fit the lesson plans as each teacher requests. We offer classes from preschool through college level. We also do Scout Badge Classes for both Boy and Girl Scouts and Science Olympiad Classes. Mr. Roynon has been adding to this collection for over 70 years and continues to teach the classes himself along with Ms. Sherry Bauer our Director of Education.
At this time we are in desperate need of finding volunteers to help us in our endeavors. We are a private museum with only one paid employee. We operate solely on the class tuition, admission fees, and the generosity of Mr. and Mr. Roynon. Because of their love and passion for the education of children, they have invested much of their life savings into this collection, now valued at over six million dollars. Their belief that children should have access to high quality specimens in a hands on learning environment has driven them every year to add to the collection making it one of the most complete and complex collections anywhere in the area. Many similar exhibits cannot be seen without traveling to Denver, Chicago or Washington DC.
Mr. Roynon began collecting his first fossilized sharks' teeth around the age of seven in the hills of Santa Cruz. He went to college in Oregon where he met his wife Judy. Judy taught school for two years in Oregon before they relocated to Escondido. She is now in her fifty second year of teaching (yes 52) in the Escondido Elementary School District.
What we are hoping for is to find active retired educators that would like to help us with our goal. We want to keep this museum open for the children of our county and surrounding areas. We need docents to help inside the museum, aids to help during the classes, and attendants to work in the gift shop/ticket area. Most shifts are 3-4 hours and those wanting to join us will be trained. Volunteers don't have to know geology or paleontology, but they do need to like working with the public and especially with children.

I would be happy to talk to you further about our needs. I was hoping you might know how we could reach out to retired educators in our area. I invite you to visit our website ( RoynonMuseum.org ) where you can watch a short video of one of our classes and see a few pictures of the museum. I would be happy to meet with you if you felt their could be some collaboration between your organization and our museum. If you have a meeting, especially members in the north county area, Mr. Roynon would be happy to bring a short presentation to introduce the museum to your members and explain more about the museum. I'm sure any educator that visits the museum would see its value to the children of San Diego County. Daily we have visitors tell us they can't believe there is such an amazing collection right here in Escondido. If you go to Yelp or our Facebook page ( Facebook.com/roynonmuseum ) you can read many, many 5 star reviews. I'm just hoping that there may be some members of your group that would be willing to help us keep this dream alive. As I said with only one paid employee and a small handful of volunteers we are surviving, but it is getting difficult and we need help since our budget does not accommodate hiring more employees. We're hoping to find others that can share our passion for teaching the children of San Diego County. Please give me a call if you have any questions or if you have suggestions as to where we might reach out to others. If you could, please respond to let me know if this can be presented to your membership someway; it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
If you are interested, contact Jeannie Nutter at the contact info below.
Jeannie Nutter <director@roynonmuseum.org>

San Diego Youth Services
The Volunteer Department at San Diego Youth Services has volunteer opportunities that might interest retired teachers/educators.  San Diego Youth Services is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that supports at-risk youth. They have over 30 programs at 14 locations throughout the county and work primarily to prevent delinquency and school failure, end homelessness, promote mental health and addiction recovery, and break the cycle of child abuse and neglect.

Our current long term volunteer opportunities (6 months+) include:
        Office Greeter and Resource Coordinator (Family Resource Center at El Cajon Valley High School)
        Fiscal Assistant (Administration building in Point Loma)
        Admin Assistant (Counseling Cove in Golden Hill or Spring Valley and East Communities Campus)
        Night Shelter Volunteer (Youth Emergency Shelter in Northpark)
        Group Instructors (Spring Valley and East Communities Campus)
        Foster Parents (reimbursement provided)

 For more information, contact:
 Liz Veselich
 AmeriCorps VIP Fellow
 San Diego Youth Services
 Point Loma Campus
 3255 Wing Street
 San Diego, CA 92110
 Phone: 619-221-8600 x1272
 Fax: (619) 221-8611


                         WORK OPPORTUNITIES

                                          ****SDEA-R DOES NOT ENDORSE THESE OPPORTUNITIES. ****

Casey Edwards
Part-Time Employment
Greetings, We are looking to hire part-time, current and retired educators to work as museum staff and tour guides at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. Currently, we have retired educators and substitute teachers on our staff, and have benefited greatly from their experience in interpreting and disseminating historical knowledge, as well as their competence in educating children. At the park, we offer daily, guided tours to the public, as well as mid-week school programs which cater to the state-wide, 4th grade history curriculum which educates children about California history. We also maintain and staff historical museums which are open to the public, daily. If you feel that any of your members may be interested in opportunities to work at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, please feel free to pass along this email to them. Regards, Casey Edwards Visitor Services Coordinator Old Town San Diego State Historic Park Casey.Edwards@parks.ca.gov (619) 220 - 5422

POSTED 12/31/2018

Dear SDEA-R,
Hello! I am looking for experienced teachers to staff a CHSPE program and fill other positions that may arise. The CHSPE is the high school equivalency exam that current students take when they want to move on with their peers or leave early to places like community college and photography school. We need real high school teachers because our program requires making sure our students have the fundamental knowledge that California outlines in learning standards. 
We already have some current teachers who are excited about the program, but most teachers only want to work in the summer, and this test is given year round. So I thought that retired teachers would be a perfect fit! They need to be excellent educators who are comfortable working one-on-one with students in an office environment. They would be expected to create custom programs for each student.
One thing that makes our program so unique is that we pay time-and-a-half. What this means is that if a teacher is scheduled with a student for two hours, they are paid for a third hour, as we require preparation and note taking for each tutoring session. We also pay well above the industry average at thirty-two dollars per hour.
We do no discriminate by age, but we do do a lot of the logistics online. I mainly meet with teachers via video chat. For notes, we use online spread sheets and other online collaboration tools. I also currently pay most of my teachers via PayPal right now, though that will change soon. 
The teachers would be required to design the curricula and are in charge of finding content according to each students needs. We provide the official guide and print out or purchase materials that the teachers say they need (within reason). The test is very similar to the old CAHSEE exam, so there are plenty of similar questions out there. (CAHSEE experience is a huge plus for the job).
How would you recommend I let retired teachers know about this opportunity? I am looking to have two office spaces by June. One close to downtown, the other around the San Marcos area, but things could change.
Best regards,
Bryan Eugene Rowe
Taking The ACT with Time-and-a-Half: http://www.anacapatestprep.com/#!act-time-and-a-half/c1hck 
Phone: (805) 651-3282  

Sue Brinchman is a retired SDUSD special education teacher with a tutoring
business which has been gradually expanding. She is interested in
interviewing retired teachers who'd like to conduct private tutoring
for children in elementary, middle or upper grades (high school) in
the greater San Diego and East San Diego County areas.
She has asked SDEA-R to help her get the information out to retired educators. If you are interested in this job opportunity, contact Sue directly.

Susan Brinchman,
San Diego Tutors
PO Box 655
La Mesa, CA 91944-0655

Academy of Public Speaking
We offer fun, interactive courses to empower children to develop confidence, public speaking, and leadership skills. We offer courses on weekends at the Hampton Inn Del Mar and as after school enrichment classes during the week in Del Mar, Carmel Valley, and Sorrento Valley.   We plan to expand our program to some new schools and communities throughout San Diego and would like to hire additional instructors. Retired teachers tend to be a great match because they enjoy working with children, have teaching experience, and the limited number of hours we have to offer usually suits them well. Teachers have the opportunity to enjoy doing what they love and earn some additional income. We provide the curriculum, training, and all necessary supplies. We also do all of the prep work involved for the classes such as making copies so our teachers get to enjoy spending their time teaching and helping the children improve their skills.   As you know, there are many important lessons and concepts we teach children. Nothing is quite as rewarding as teaching children to be confident, effective communicators.
If you would like any additional information:
visit our website at         http://academyforpublicspeaking.com/   or
email at                            kathleen@academyforpublicspeaking.com

Kathleen Petrone, DTM President & Founder