This is to let you know that the MOVIE CLUB will be moving to the Second Tuesday of the month, starting in July 2018.
We will still be meeting at the same time and the same AMC Theatre in the Fashion Valley Mall located at 7037 Friars Rd. San Diego, CA. 92108. 
Below you will find our new monthly movie schedule for 2018/19.
I'll be sending out the movie choice and time in a day or two. If any of you have seen a good movie that's currently showing please let me know. Thanks,

                                                    BOOK CLUB
Do you like to read books and then discuss your thoughts and opinions about the book with others? Then YOU'RE just the person we are looking for to join SDEA-R's BOOK CLUB.

If you're not quite sure this is for you, come on down anyway and give us a try. At our first meeting, we will be discussing the following items:
        1. Establishing a list of books we might like to read.                
        2. Choosing a place to meet.
        3. Selecting the day, frequency and time to meet
        4. Additional items

        5. Bring your ideas/titles.

 If you are interested please send your name, email address, and phone # to
 Valarie Davidson at
Next gathering is:


[🎂]   JUL.....18th                  
[🎡]   AUG....15th            
[🏈]   SEP.....19th                
[🎃]   OCT....17th                
[🍗]   NOV....21st                 
[🎄]   DEC.....19th              
[🎉]   JAN....16th              
[❤]   FEB.....20th               
[🍀]   MAR...20th             
[☔]   APR....17th             
[🌻]   MAY....15th              
[🌞]   JUN....19th 

                                                 MOVIE CLUB
Hi everyone,
Movies are more fun when you enjoy them with friends.  We hope that many of you will join us in the future. As soon as the movie, time and place are determined we will send an email immediately.  Usually the time is around 11am-1pm.

We are developing a list of interested members, so please email your name, email address, and phone number to Joyce Heyn at  Joyce will then contact you as to the movie selection, the time and location, If you have movie suggestions at any time or suggestions on how to proceed, contact Joyce.

(subject to change)
[🎡]  AUG....14th
[🏈]  SEP.....11th
[🎃]  OCT.....09th
[🍗]  NOV.....13th
[🎄]  DEC.....11th
[🎉]  JAN.....08th
[💙]  FEB.....12th
[🍀]  MAR....12th
[☔]  APR.....09th
[🌻]  MAY.....14th
[🌞]  JUN.....11th